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The development of optoelectronic devices in the future

source:本站 Updated date:2015-11-6 browse:1371

Optoelectronic device assembly automation technology will be the key to reduce the cost of optoelectronic devices. Manual assembly is limit optoelectronic devices of the main factors of cost down further. Automated assembly to reduce labor costs, increasing production and saving production sites, therefore optoelectronic device assembly automation technology research will be the key to reduce the cost of optoelectronic devices. Because of optoelectronic devices automation assembly precision in sub-micron scale, automated assembly production was thought to be a very difficult thing to do, but these days there is a big breakthrough. Foreign academic journals have been reported in VCSEL, new optical collimating devices and self aligned based on technological progress, such as optical device assembly automation to achieve a breakthrough, while the optoelectronic devices designed specifically for automated assembly is on the rise.

OFC 2002 exhibition for more than ten automatic assembly, automatic welding equipment manufacturers, welding, alignment and bonding, many people used to think that only by manual operation of the process can now be done by robots. ElectroniCast predicted that by 2005 automated assembly and test equipment sales of up to $1.71 billion, 70% ~ 80% of optoelectronic devices production will be produced by fully automatic or semi-automatic assembly, it can be said that the presence of the automatic production line is a mark of the maturity of the start and development of optoelectronic industry.

Foshan wei peng electronic technology co., LTD., has long been committed to creating high-quality high-end electronic components and electronic control panel industry brand. The company has two big main projects: optoelectronic components and electronic control board. Main business of the optoelectronic components are design development and production of LED digital color screen, LED digital display tube, digital lattice and all kinds of LED photoelectric products; Main business of the electronic control board for the customer development and design production appliances such as fan, pressure cooker, induction cooker and other small home appliance, electronic circuit board. Wei peng electronics is located in the "household appliances kingdom" the laudatory name of foshan shunde, has an independent plant covers an area of 8000 square, the company currently employs more than 20 management personnel, production staff more than 300, with independent research and development team, product development personality can according to customer requirements. All company production process indicates rate with high precision of automation machinery and equipment operation, at present there are many automatic equipment form a complete set of production line, the inspection of the product in the aging line and aging equipment and components such as several sets of high precision detection equipment and other imported precision instruments in electronics industry. The company's production scale is expanding state at high speed, at present, the company's biggest daily total turnover reached 200000 yuan, annual turnover of RMB 4000-60 million. Our products are exported to the European countries such as Russia, Portugal, Italy, there are places such as Egypt, India, Turkey, South America countries such as Brazil.